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Experts in Heating and Air Conditioning Richmond VA Residents Have Relied on Since 1943

President W. Gerald Speeks

As a young boy Gerald rode with his father, W. Gwyn Speeks delivering oil and helped by pulling the hose to fill the oil tanks. At the age of 16 he sold his first Heating System. Eventually he took over the day to day operations of the company. Gerald and his wife Joan who is also involved in the company are life time residents of Chesterfield County. His hobbies include traveling the country showing Quarter Horses with his Granddaughters and fishing on the river in Deltaville, VA.

Vice President – W. Greg Speeks

Greg, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather joined the family business full time in 1985. Their hardwork and dedication layed a strong foundation that has enabled the company to grow and prosper. Today, Greg oversees the day to day operations of the installation department. In addtion to work, Greg enjoys his hobby as dog breeder and exhibitor of Shelties and spending time with family and friends.

Service Manager – TJ Garrett

TJ has been in the heating and air conditioning Industry since 1983. He started his career as a service technician with WG Speeks, Inc. Since 1998, TJ has been managing our Service Department. With his knowledge and skills, we are able to hire trained and qualified technicians to service our clients in Richmond, VA. TJ resides in Chesterfield County with his wife and children. Outside of work, TJ enjoys spending time with his family and fishing on the river in Deltaville, VA.

Members of our Heating and Air Conditioning Richmond Sales Team

John Boyer

John has been in the heating and air conditioning industry for 18 years and has been a member of our sales team for 7 years. His knowledge and dedication make him an important asset to our company. John resides in Henrico County.

Ronnie Hall

Ronnie has been in the industry for 20+ years and a member of our team for the past 14 years. He started at WG Speeks, Inc. in our installation department and moved to our sales department in 2003. His understanding and passion for the business make him a valuable member of our team. Customer Satisfaction is his main priority. Ronnie and his wife reside in Chesterfield County. His hobbies include playing softball and spending time with his grandchildren.

Pam Stinson

Pam has been in the heating and air conditioning industry and a member of our sales team for 28+ years. Her hardwork and strive for satisfaction with her customers make Pam a valuable asset to our sales team. She moved to the Richmond, VA area in 1964 and now has resided in Powhatan County for the past 16 years. Her hobbies include showing her horses at equestrian events and taking care of her Rat Terrier, Charlie.

Apr 13
Common Air Conditioning Problems

acIf your Air Conditioning has failed or if you are preparing to crank it up for the warm months ahead, there are many things you can do to avoid problems or notice them. Here are common AC problems that can be damaging your unit, increasing your bill or putting a damper on your comfort.

Improper Operation – Leaving windows open while running and more can cause a problem to the performance of your unit.

Refrigerant Leaks – Leaks are common and can often be repaired without need of a new unit.

Improper Installation – Professional installation is very important for the life and performance of your AC systems. Specifications, charges and more should all be implemented by a professional.

Inadequate Maintenance – Filter changes, unclogging coils and more can prevent early breakdowns.

Sensor Problems – The sensor should remain next to coil but shouldn’t touch it; adjust it or have a professional to do so.

Drainage Problems – Mounting and various other factors can cause drainage problems be sure to always opt for a full inspection if you are unsure.

At WG Speeks of Richmond, VA your comfort is our priority. Call us today at 804-276-2800 for all of your HVAC needs.

Mar 16
Spring Cleaning Starts with Your HVAC!

Spring is time for change, sunshine and fresh air! If you have already begun your spring cleaning, it isn’t too late to do HVAC maintenance before tucking your system away for the months ahead. Your heating and cooling systems should receive as much attention as other areas of the home. This helps to steer clear of break downs and ensure maximum performance. Here is a short HVAC checklist to put to use while gearing up for spring!
WG Speeks Midlothian VA

  1. Replace all filters – Before cranking up the AC or shutting down the furnace, be sure to change out all filters.
  2. Get an inspection – Be sure to schedule an inspection with a W.G. Speeks professional before shutting down your furnace or turning on your cooling system. Check for leaks, holes and funny noises to make sure you are not causing further damage to your HVAC system.
  3. Put it to use – Your furnace has been through a lot after this cold winter. If it has been deemed safe to tuck away for the warmer months, go ahead. Try giving your AC a run on a nice day to check temperature and performance.

If you are gearing up for the spring be sure to schedule your maintenance and inspection with W.G. Speeks of Midlothian, VA today!

Feb 01
Is Love in the air? Or something else?

If you are planning to spend your Valentine’s Day indoors you should be thinking about the quality of your homes air not only this month but forever. In many instances indoor air quality can be worse than outdoor air leading to breathing difficulty, allergies and many unwanted side effects. By following a few easy tips you can take a step toward better air quality inside your home.


  1. WGSpeeks Richmond, VA - Air QualityCheck ventilation and filters. Have your vents, air ducts and filters cleaned and thoroughly inspected often for maximum air flow and better quality. Cleaner air quality can decrease health problems from common allergies to asthma and more.
  2. Have a furnace inspection. A properly working furnace can help to clean and moisturize air in the home. If you have common respiratory irritations or notice increased dust on objects around the home, you may need more than just a cleaning, schedule an inspection.
  3. Test for chemicals. Carbon monoxide, radon and more are all dangerous and potentially fatal chemicals. Be sure your home is inspected for gases as well during your next professional HVAC maintenance appointment.

Home is a place where you should feel comfortable and at ease. If you are having a problem with your HVAC systems or would like to schedule a routine maintenance appointment for your home feel free to contact WG Speeks of Richmond, VA today!

Common Air Conditioning Problems
Posted on 04/13/15

If your Air Conditioning has failed or if you are preparing to crank it up for the warm months ahead, there are many things you can do to avoid problems or notice them. Here are common AC problems that can

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