Ease Spring Allergies with HVAC Servicing

Spring is a wonderful time of year; there’s more sunshine and the weather starts to get nice, but then there is the issue of allergies. For people with bad allergies, Spring can sometimes feel like a nightmare. Pollen, grass and all kinds of other allergens are at an all time high in the Spring, causing many to experience runny noses, itchy eyes and scratchy throats.

Unfortunately, it’s not just the outdoor air to blame. The air inside your home can also be filled with allergens, causing symptoms to flare up when you’re indoors too. Thankfully we have some tips for HVAC maintenance that will help decrease your Spring allergy symptoms.

Change your air filter  

This tip is probably the most important because your HVAC system’s air filter can end up coated in pollen, dust and other allergens, which lower the air quality in your home. These allergens get pushed out into the air every time your HVAC system is running. Replacing your air filter each Spring can dramatically help reduce the amount of allergens in your home. It’s also important to check the filter once a month and clean it when necessary.

There are also more efficient types of filters to keep out more allergen particles, such as medium efficiency filters or HEPA filters.

Have Air Ducts Cleaned

Changing your air filters is very important, but allergens can still be hiding in your air ducts whether or not your air filters are clean. When the heat or air is on these allergens are blown around the ducts, entering different rooms through your vents. Having your ducts cleaned removes these allergens. Our HVAC professionals can inspect your air ducts and get rid of any allergen buildups.

Schedule regular HVAC maintenance

Routine HVAC maintenance helps reduce indoor allergens and ensures that your system is able to run efficiently. This will increase its lifespan and lower repairs in the long run. The experts at W.G. Speeks can help you save time and money by keeping your system maintained.
For more questions, or to schedule routine HVAC maintenance or any of our other services, call us at 804-776-5770 and see why W.G. Speeks has been the reliable Richmond, VA heating and air conditioning experts since 1943.