Planned Maintenance AgreementsW.G. Speeks

Reduce Unexpected Breakdowns & Extend System Life

Select the Equipment for your Planned Maintenance Agreement

W.G. Speeks, Inc. will perform the service to your system(s) TWICE a year except for heating-only and air conditioning-only systems. If additional services or materials are found to be needed at the time of the Planned Maintenance Agreement (PMA) check-up, these services will be performed with your approval and billed accordingly. PMA customers receive a 20% discount on all parts. Coupons cannot be combined or used with PM Discount. Discount does not apply to equipment replacement and coils.

Please Note: Prices are based on the equipment indicated by the customer. Our Service Technician will verify the equipment at the location. Should the equipment not be the same, the price of this Agreement could change. You will be notified.

PMA Benefits

Breathe Healthier Air
Unclean HVAC systems can cause poor indoor air quality, soiling of grills, walls and furniture. A planned maintenance checkup will maintain a clean, efficient system.

Save! 20% Discount on All Parts
PMA customers are entitled to great savings. Can’t be applied with any other discounts.

Use 20% to 30% Less Energy
A properly cleaned and maintained heating and air conditioning system or water heater will use less energy. These savings will more than cover PMA costs.

Reduce Unexpected Breakdowns
An average of 68% of all emergency service calls could have been prevented by having the heating/cooling system or water heater serviced annually.

Longer System Life
A regularly maintained HVAC system or Water Heater lasts longer than one that is not serviced regularly.

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