My AC Is Blowing Hot Air! What Now?

August 31, 2015by admin

If you’ve spent a day outdoors only to come home to even warmer indoor temperatures in the midst of summer, it may be time to take a look at your HVAC unit. Units blowing constant hot air can have many reasons as to why they are performing improperly. If you are in need of immediate professional HVAC service, call a WG Speeks expert today. We can get to the root of your AC issues. Here are a few reasons why you may be experiencing hot air output:

AC blowing hot air

  1. A dirty filter – It may be time for a filter replacement. Be sure to have a pro check and or replace your filter if this is the cause.
  2. Incorrect thermostat settings – Be sure you or members of your family haven’t altered the settings of your thermostat. Ensure by reading your manual or by speaking with a professional that proper temperature and unit settings are in effect for your specific systems efficiency.
  3. Clogged system – If you have an outdoor unit then you may have debris, dirt, pollen and other particles building up in your system. Be sure to have our professionals take a look and clean out your system. Steer clear of DIY maintenance to avoid hefty repair fees.

If you are unsure of what’s causing your system trouble don’t hesitate to call WG Speeks of Richmond, VA today. We are here to serve you and help to ensure your family maximum comfort.

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