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It’s hard to believe summer is in full swing. With the year we’ve had, it’s easy to lose track of time — but don’t let your home improvement efforts go by the wayside. If anything, this is the time to keep things running smoothly to avoid unnecessary expenses. To help you get started, we’ve come up with this list of HVAC maintenance tips for 2020 in Richmond.

Owning a house requires a big investment of both time and money, which is why you want to be selective when hiring contractors. Your air conditioner is a vital part of your home, especially during Virginia’s hot summers. If something goes wrong, you want to find a professional you can trust. As such, let’s discuss some of the ways to find a good HVAC technician in Richmond. It’s worth the effort!

Richmond’s summers are so hot and humid that we wouldn’t blame anyone for having their cooling system running around the clock. You deserve to be comfortable in your home and a reliable HVAC system can make all the difference. When things go wrong, though, it can be disheartening. If you’ve suddenly been wondering why your air conditioner is making noise, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll discuss some of the common problems, and how you can fix them!

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve all been spending a lot of time at home. That’s why it’s more important than ever to make indoor air quality a priority. W.G. Speeks continues to find new ways to make the air inside your home cleaner and fresher, which is why our lineup now includes the iWave air purification system. In fact, laboratory tests have shown that this air purifier can dramatically reduce human coronaviruses! Let’s go over some of the most important features.

While many households will use their garage to protect their vehicle from the elements, some enjoy having this space for other reasons. They might like having a workshop, exercise room, or craft area that’s separate from and outside of their home. Some even install televisions or set up pool tables to create a relaxation zone. For that reason, when the heat rolls in, it might be necessary to search for how to cool a garage this summer.

When the hot summers hit Richmond, Virginia, we get by thanks to our air conditioners. Even if you enjoy the heat, there will be many days when the soaring temperatures and thick humidity feel like it’s too much to take. It can be extra stressful, then, when things go wrong with something you depend on so much. If you’ve noticed your air conditioner leaking, it’s understandable to feel a little panicked.

2020 has been an interesting year, and it’s not even officially summer. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent stay-at-home orders, many businesses were closed for a period of time — some permanently. As we return to our places of employment, this is a good time to review some commercial HVAC tips for summer here in Richmond.

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