Signs You Need a Dehumidifier

June 18, 2015by admin

Foggy windows and doors aren’t the only way to tell you need to dehumidify your home. Indoor spaces with high humidity can pose a threat to your health and comfort in your home. Often times a dehumidifier can solve many of the problems you are having with humidity. Here are a few ways to tell when moisture isn’t leaving properly from the home, suggesting that you may need a dehumidifier.

signs you need a dehumidifier

  1. Mold growth. – Dark brown, black and green spots on walls and ceilings are evident cases of mold. With this kind of exposure to moisture, you are sure to see an increase and spread in mold growth that can become harmful to the health of family, friends and pets.
  2. Strange smells – If your home tends to smell muggy or musty, it may be time for a full on inspection. There’s a high chance that mildew and mold growth are the cause of this ongoing problem.
  3. Water staining – If your ceilings or floors have water stains, this is a sure sign of excessive moisture build up.
  4. Fog and condensation – Windows or doors that are dewy with moisture or water is a notification that your indoor area is too humid. This is the cause of blurred glass and a fog like presence over glass areas.

Even if your home temperature is comfortable, be sure to look for these major signs of severe moisture in your home. Contact a W.G. Speeks professional for information and installation of a dehumidifier in your home. Stay comfortable and live well.

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