Time to Schedule End-of-Season AC Repairs

September 19, 2017by admin

The summer is coming to an end, but you’ll probably still need to use your air conditioner for a bit longer. Heat waves are common in September in the Richmond, VA area, and humidity levels can still rise out of control this time of year.

You might be tempted to put off any AC repairs or maintenance until the Spring, but this could be a big mistake. Your AC unit could get worse the longer you wait to fix it, so getting repairs ASAP is your best bet. Here are some signs you should have your air conditioner checked out before next Spring.

Signs of AC Problems

– Strange noises from the unit or vents
– Reduction in temperature
– Stunted airflow through vents
– Issues with the system starting up – “hard starting”
– Shorter than usual run times – “short cycling”

How AC Issues Can Progress

The small issues with your AC unit will get worse if you let them. A broken part won’t get better on its own. Unfortunately, it will only wear down the other components of your air conditioner. Low levels of refrigerant may cause just a small problem now, but with time, you can end up with refrigerant leaking through to the compressor or leaking out enough to wear down the motors and pumps.

The worst case scenario leaves you with a broken air conditioner, and the most common cause of broken A/C’s is the homeowners took too long to get repairs. Fixing small issues with your AC unit as soon as you can will extend the lifespan of your unit.

Save Money in the Long Run

The longer you run a damaged air conditioner, the higher your bills are going to be. A broken AC unit requires more energy to run, which of course raises your energy costs. Also, an emergency air conditioner repair costs more than a scheduled repair late in the season.

Don’t start next year’s warmer season with a broken air conditioner; call WG Speeks today at 804.276.2800 and see why we’ve been the reliable Richmond, VA heating and air conditioning experts since 1943.

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