Two Ways You’re Losing Money Without Knowing

July 13, 2017by admin

Do you feel like your utility bills are unusually high? Some of your money may be going to higher utilities because of poor habits, like leaving lights and fans on by accident. But there could be other reasons your utilities are high that you don’t even know about. Become aware of the ways you’re using energy to save money and cut off these issues at their source.

Vampire Energy

No, this isn’t the blood sucking kind of vampire. This vampire is out for your energy. Whenever you leave small appliances or electronics plugged in, even if they’re technically turned off, they are still sapping power. These are things like TVs, game consoles, hair tools, microwaves and toasters. Avoid paying for energy you aren’t really using by unplugging these when not in use or to make it easier, use a power strip that you can switch off every time you aren’t using the item.

Air Leaks

Leaks cause air from inside your home to escape, while it allows warm summer air inside. This reduces efficiency and increases utility costs. If there is dirt on the floor and windowsills, there is probably a leak. You can seal doors with weather-stripping and windows with caulk.

Leaks can also form in your duct system, which means that every time air passes through your HVAC system you are losing some of it. W.G. Speeks offers duct-sealing services to fix this problem.

Ensure you’re staying aware of these potential energy losses and get them fixed early on. This will help you save money in the long run. To further cut utility costs and raise the efficiency of your HVAC system, call us today at 804.276.2800 and see why we’ve been the reliable Richmond, VA heating and air conditioning experts since 1943.

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