3 Myths About Air Conditioning in Richmond

April 3, 2014by admin2

Air conditioning in Richmond, VA is a fact of life. We need it in order to stay cool and comfortable during those hot Virginia summers. Air conditioning systems have made a lot of improvement on our way of life; many can’t imagine life without this modern convenience, especially when temperatures reach unbearable highs. While most people are familiar with these cooling systems, there is a lot of common misinformation about air conditioning systems. Discerning the fact from fiction, will help your air conditioning unit work more efficiently and keep your home cooler. Here are three myths about air conditioning systems that really aren’t true:

  • “Setting a lower temperature will cool my home faster.” If you like your house to be at 72 degrees, you may think that setting the thermostat at 68 will help it cools down faster. Air conditioning units don’t work that way. The unit can only cool your house at a set rate of speed, which means setting it at 68 only increases its running time. You won’t reach 72 any faster or slower by setting a lower temperature.
  • * “A more efficient unit will automatically lower my bills.” While an air conditioner with a high SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) will cool your home more efficiently than one with a lower rating, which assumes that you run the new air conditioner for the same amount of time that you ran the old one. Run it more often, you might be using more energy (but for a greater amount of cooling). Other factors, such as leaky ductwork or poor insulation, will also prevent your high efficiency unit from cooling your home effectively.
  • “Turning on a fan will cool the room.” Fans don’t cool the air. They just move it around, creating a cooling sensation against your skin. If you run a fan, you’re incurring energy costs and if you’re not home to enjoy it, you’re essentially wasting that energy.

If you have questions or concerns about your air conditioning system, don’t hesitate to contact an expert. The professionals at W.G. Speeks Inc can help you select an air conditioning service that matches your needs without the distortion of misconceptions. We handle air conditioning installation in Richmond, VA and throughout Greater Richmond Region, so give us a call today!


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