Are HVAC Maintenance Agreements Worth the Money?

July 31, 2018by admin

If you ask most people, they’re not eager to sign up for yet another bill to pay. But what if instead of a bill, you thought of it as an investment that could save you a bundle of money over time?

HVAC maintenance agreements cost a very small fraction of what a large repair costs. You can also easily budget for the amount of a maintenance agreement, rather than scramble to find cash to repair or replace your HVAC system when something (preventable) and disastrous does go wrong. Let’s compare the costs to common components that need replacement when they go without proper maintenance.

Common HVAC Failures and Repair Costs

  • Condenser motor $600 to $700 on average, including parts and labor. This means replacing one condenser motor would cost about the same as roughly 4 years worth of a maintenance agreement (for 1 heat pump).
  • Blower motor –  $900 on average, including parts and labor. So you can replace one blower motor or pay for roughly 5 years on a maintenance contract.
  • Compressor $2,000 on average. This means you could pay for a maintenance contract for 11 years and still have some money left in your pocket.
  • Entire HVAC system $5,000 on average. For the cost of replacing your HVAC system, you could pay for a maintenance contract for over 28 years!  
  • Leaks – $$$? The cost to repair leaks is widely variable, as you may have to repair or replace more expensive components, or even replace the entire system.

Other Savings

We’ve already established that a contract can save you a ton of cash on unexpected repairs, but those savings just scratch the surface. Here are other ways a contract can keep more of your hard-earned cash where it belongs — in your pocket!

  • A properly maintained HVAC system uses approximately 20 to 30 percent less energy. This means if your average energy bill is $200 a month, an HVAC contract could save you anywhere from $480 to $720 annually. This means a maintenance contract pays for itself and leaves you with about $300 to $500 extra in your pocket annually!
  • Getting routine maintenance extends the life of your system. We already covered the savings in fully replacing parts or the whole HVAC unit, but even with a long and energy-efficient life, eventually your system will wear out as all things do. If you have a maintenance agreement with us, you’re going to save 20 percent on parts that do need to be replaced. This could mean a savings of around $60 to $500 and up, depending on which repairs you need.
  • Having a well-maintained HVAC system improves the quality of your air, making it healthier for you and your family to breathe. You can’t really put a dollar amount on your health, but we know it matters to you, and it matters to us!

When you look at the savings, you can see how much it costs you to run a system without a maintenance contract. Contact us to set up your maintenance agreement so you can start saving today!

Disclaimer: The costs and savings represented in this blog are estimates only  and may vary based on your specific equipment and other circumstances. For a specific quote for services, please contact our office and set up an appointment.  

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