Humidity and Your AC Unit

July 19, 2016by admin1

Richmond summers are not only hot, but they can also be very humid. This means there’s a lot of water vapor in the air. When humidity levels are 50% or higher, the sweat your body produces cannot evaporate into the air as easily, making it much harder for your body to cool off.

In the stifling summer weather, you want to walk into an air conditioned home and immediately feel refreshed. Unfortunately, some air conditioners struggle to maintain humidity levels. If you still feel hot and sticky in your home even when your AC unit is running, your unit is probably experiencing poor dehumidification.

Oversized or Undersized AC Units

The most common reason for a humid home is an oversized or undersized air conditioning unit. There is only one size AC unit that is right for your home. If a technician did not properly measure your home and take into account additional factors like insulation and location, you may not have the right size.

An undersized AC unit is too small to provide proper dehumidification for the amount of space in your home, and on the other end of the spectrum, an oversized unit can short-cycle. That means the AC unit is running in shorter bursts more frequently, not allowing long enough cycles to sufficiently dehumidify your home.

How to find the right air conditioner

When you work with the WG Speeks Heating and Air Conditioning Experts, finding the right air conditioner for your home is easy. We’ll provide you with a high-efficiency unit and can answer any of your questions regarding humidity and how to keep your home cool and moisture free. We also offer a variety of parts that can help with dehumidification.

If you’re experiencing a humid home or any other AC issues, such as a need for Air Duct Cleaning and HVAC Repear and Installation, call us at 804.276.2800  and see why W.G. Speeks has been the reliable Richmond, VA heating and air conditioning experts since 1943.

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