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5on Google,Oct 23, 2017
Curtis Wright

Great experience with them, they are fast and knowledgeable with great customer service.

5on Google,Jul 25, 2017
John Hall

4on Google,Jul 17, 2017
Shayna Thompson

5on Google,Jul 17, 2017
John Hall

5on Google,Jul 07, 2017
William Austin

Bought some ecobee thermostats and these guys came over and installed them that afternoonin 15 mins on a really hot July day! Amazing service!

5on Facebook,Jun 11, 2017
Korita B. Jones

So my AC wasn't working yesterday and I have a home warranty, so I called them. They indicated they wouldn't be able to get anyone out til Monday at the earliest.'s like 90 degrees, so I said what the heck, let me try W.G. Speeks since I've always gotten good service from them. They dispatched Jason out and he was so courteous and professional (and a complete cutie...don't tell my hubbs). He went to the unit and immediately figured out the problem. Turns out he had the part on the truck and was able to fix the problem to get this air cranking. For this 90 degree heat, I would've paid these ppl in blood to get my air working ��� Needless to say, I'll never use anyone else again! W.G. Speeks and this guy saved my weekend in only 20 mins! I'm forever grateful!

5on Angies List,Jun 02, 2017
Linda Lawton

What keeps me going back is all the things I ratted an “A”. It’s professionalism, it’s reliability, it’s integrity, it’s all those things. I’ve gotten to know all the workers. It’s like I walk in and say, “oh hi, it’s been a while since you’ve been here, blah, blah, blah! It’s good to see you again!” That kind of stuff. They’re friendly people. It was for basic maintenance.

5on Angies List,Jun 02, 2017
Linda Lawton

The service turned out great. We have used them for years, since the mid 70?s. I would say that their price is average, they?re not high and they?re not low. I had an issue one time with one person, but that person doesn?t seem to be coming anymore. I guess they took care of that. We sign a contract track with them every year to do the spring and fall checkups. They?re very professional. They clean up after themselves. They usually come into your house with booties on. They don?t always tell me that I need to change the filter. We have this big high efficiency filter up in the attic. It?s not your regular 1 inch filter, it?s about 4 ½ inches thick. They could come in and say, ?you need a new filter, that?s will be $85!? They don?t do that. They tell me when it?s dirty and we change it. So, I guess you would say that their integrity is not of question. Our air conditioner here is about 12 years old, and the heating system. I noticed a lot of my neighbors getting new air conditioning, but I asked Steve specifically when he was here just a month ago, ?it?s getting a little long in the teens, how?s it was looking today?? He said, it looks in very good condition!? I said, ?do you see months of service or years of service?? He said, ?I think you?re okay!? So, they?re taking care of it. By the way when I first moved into this house, I had another company come here and they told me I needed new coils. Well guess what, those coils are still there and it?s still working. They do our annual fall and spring checkup of our heating and air conditioning.

5on Angies List,Jun 02, 2017
Linda Lawton

It’s like $85, it’s not covered, it’s something additional.I have enough confidence in them to say that they would not tell me to change the capacitor unless it needed changing. So, I feel fine. I haven’t gone out to canvas the industry to find out what a capacitor of that amperage would cost. So, I’m assuming that the price is reasonable. I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I don’t feel it was outrageous. I’m an engineer by education and profession, so I know a little bit about capacitors. I’m not an electrical engineer, but I was a mechanical engineer. I would know about the quality, I wasn’t here. My wife was here at that time and I was not. I can say, I mean it’s still running. I’ve had no mechanical or electrical problems with the air conditioner. I didn’t see it, I didn’t talk to the guy, I don’t know, I can’t say. It seemed like a reasonable price and it’s working. I would give them an “A” for most anything. I am a very satisfied 35 year customer. We needed a new capacitor.

5on Angies List,Jun 02, 2017
Linda Lawton

The 1970?s is when we first started with their servicing. They had put in a new air conditioning system in a house that did not have air conditioning. Then we lived in the Greater Richmond and used them till the year of 2000, so that would be about 25 years. Then we moved down to the Williamsburg area for 12 years, course we didn?t have them then. Now that we have moved back to Greater Richmond, we have them again. So, I guess you would say that we?ve had them all total of a little over 30 years. I?m thinking that the contract was $150 a year. What that covers is service and adjustments. I was here for this one, I wasn?t here when they came in April. The guy was courteous, he was professional and he answered all my questions. The cost of the contract is $150 a year, so it?s $75 a visit. I don?t know what grade to give them for the price because I have not been able to shop. When I moved here we did shop for air conditioning people. We had a couple of different people come and assess our air conditioning and heating system. We just went back to Speeks because we had confidence in them, but I also do not recall what the charges were for the other companies. So, I can?t rate it. I don?t think the price is outrageous, I think it?s acceptable. In all honesty, I have not gone out and gotten a bunch of estimates from other people. As far as quality, everything is running, I?ve never had a failure. I?ve never had to call them in an emergency. I always call them to schedule their service visit, it?s usually a week to 10 days, sometimes 2 weeks. I?m satisfied with their service, the responsiveness I should say. I?ve never had to call them with a break down, so I cannot really comment on that situation. They are always right here when they say they?ll be here. They usually call you an hour or so before they get here. I?m very satisfied with these guys, I?d give them an ?A? in almost every category. I?d recommended them for sure. I have confidence in them, like I said, professionalism. They have timely service when I want to make an appointment with them. I?m very happy with them. The only thing that I?m not sure of is when the time comes for me to replace this air conditioner, like I said all my neighbors are doing it, and sooner or later mine?s going to fail. I?m not sure if Carrier is the only product they carry. I?ve been okay with Carrier in the past, but I?ve noticed I?m a consumer reports nut. So, I?ve noticed that Carrier is kind of in the middle of the pack for mechanical reliability. So, I don?t know. They usually come in the spring in the April time period to check the air conditioner. Then in the fall, they’ll come in the October or November time period to check out the heating system.

5on Facebook,Apr 19, 2017
Chelsea Ketron

I spoke with Lynn originally about the issue we were having and she was so helpful! We ended up needing them to come out and take a look at our AC unit and Jason was very kind and helpful. He educated me on the issue and gave suggestions for future needs. I'm extremely happy with the service from this company and would recommend them to others.

5on Google,Apr 13, 2017
Kristy Sumner

Provided fast service around my schedule and Jason W. was very courteous and patient with addressing all of our questions.

5on Google,Mar 15, 2017
Paul Hughes

Ive worked with this Company for over 6 years. They have installed 2 new systems at my home, and repaired the old system a number of times. They're reasonable, technically savey and always provide speedy reliable service.

5on Angies List,Oct 31, 2016
Tammy Jones

Excellent service fast and reliable would recommend them for jobs related to AC systems Air Conditioning system

5on Google,Oct 08, 2016
Melissa Michaud

Fair, speedy service!

5on BBB,Sep 12, 2016
J. R.

BEST pricing and warranty!!!, Fast service even in mid summer. Purchased complete systems for TWO houses. Couldn't be happier with the knowledge and customer service. HIGHLY recommend.

5on Facebook,Aug 06, 2016
Josh Adams

They are the best! I needed service today. They came out quickly, fixed the issue and I wasn't charged a dime!

5on BBB,Jul 25, 2016
J. M.

Came home yesterday to find an issue with one of our central air units. Called Speeks early Monday morning and by 11 am Howard their tech was at our door. Have worked with numerous repair folks over the years from all industries. Howard was without a doubt the best, most professional, most thorough, most engaging one I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Not only is the Speeks organization overall a superior one but Howard specifically is a stellar technician. By noon our system was running as it should be, on this the hottest day of the year so far. Would recommend Speeks to any and all John

5on Facebook,Jul 20, 2016
Craig Krupp

Made me feel like I was a high priority. Great customer service at the office as well as the technician!

5on Facebook,Jul 07, 2016
Shelley Jordan

W.G. Speeks is by far the best HVAC service in Richmond. We called this morning with an air conditioning issue. We were told that a technician would be out toward the end of the day due to the high volume of service calls. Our technician, Jerry Hendrix, arrived as promised and was amazing! He was immediately able to identify the issue and proceeded to fix the problem. Our house was cooled within an hour. All of the staff at W.G. Speeks are professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. We are so glad we found them.

5on BBB,Jul 07, 2016
T. E.

W.G. Speeks was the original company that installed my AC unit5 years ago. I called them at 4:30 pm on a Wednesday because my AC unit stopped working properly. The tech was at my house before 6pm on the same day. Sean was great. He was very informative about how my unit worked and why it wasn't working. My issue was covered under warranty (thank goodness) and the repair was completed and my AC back running properly within 45 minutes. I was thoroughly impressed with the professionalism, speed and customer service related to my experience. Regardless of cost, I will continue to use and recommend W.G. Speeks.

5on Angies List,Mar 30, 2016
donnie little

Replaced an old c/a unit with a new coil, new lines, and new wi-fi thermostat.

5on Angies List,Mar 24, 2016
Josh Waller

5on Google,Mar 09, 2016
Bob Busch

We have had a problem with our HVAC system specifically the dampersunder the house. The other HVAC companies all wanted to just replace it the whole system. W.G. Speeks was able to get me just what I needed and it works excellent. I highly recommend them for all your heating and air conditioning needs.

5on Angies List,Dec 08, 2015
Lucretia Carrico

Installed heat pump and duct system. Excellent company to work with.