Should You Switch to a Tankless Water Heater?

March 1, 2019by admin
tankless water heater

Choosing a new water heater for your home is no easy task. Many factors must be considered — price, practicality, household needs — before making such a big investment. One question you might be asking is whether to make the switch from a traditional water heater to a tankless one. After all, those popular home improvement shows all seem to rave about the tankless models — but are they right for you and your home? Here are some things to consider before you make your decision.

Costs More, But Saves Money

The initial cost of your tankless water heater will probably be substantially more than a traditional one, but before you get sticker shock, consider this — in the long run, a tankless model could actually save money. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that a typical family can save more than $100 in monthly energy costs. That’s great!

After hearing that, you might be wondering how a tankless water heater can save you so much money. This is primarily due to the fact that tankless water heaters are a lot more efficient. For example, there is no tank filled with water needing to be continually heated. When you think about it, that really requires a lot of energy, but with a tankless model, you can avoid that extra expense.

Unlimited Supply of Hot Water

Singing in the shower

Want to take a two-hour shower without worrying that the hot water is going to run out? Probably not… but if you wanted to, your tankless water heater would have you covered! This is possible because, rather than using only the water that’s already been heated in a tank, a tankless model heats the water as it passes through.

One word of caution — be sure the tankless water heater is large enough for your home. Otherwise, you will discover that it has a harder time keeping up with your needs. A qualified professional can look at the dimensions of your home and make recommendations based on the size of your family. Definitely consult with an expert before making this big investment!




Saves Space

Traditional water tanks are huge. Typically, one section of the basement, garage, or even an entire closet is devoted to this essential component of your heating system. Your home may have room to spare, but those living in tight quarters might be eager to free up some space.

Tankless water heaters are incredibly low-profile and come in a variety of sizes. However, even the largest ones don’t come close to being as visible as a traditional tank. Whether you’re outfitting a tiny home or just want your basement renovation to look sleeker, a tankless water heater might be the way to go.

Last Longer

Want a water heating system that you can install and not have to replace for more than a decade? Go tankless! While many variables must be taken into consideration, on average, tankless water heaters can last for more than two decades. That’s basically twice the lifespan of a storage water heater!

Of course, this also impacts the guarantee coming from your water heater manufacturer. The warranty on a traditional tank water heater can be as little as six years, whereas tankless models usually come with a 15-year warranty. That’s a huge difference.

Hard Water Is a Killer

water heater buildup

While there are many advantages to using a tankless water heater, it isn’t indestructible. The minerals in hard water, for example, can lead to limescale, a scaly buildup that can cause the heat exchanger to overheat and/or malfunction.

One of the most affordable ways to protect your tankless water heater is to install a Scale Inhibitor System. If you know that you have extreme hard water, it’s probably best to go with a whole-house water softener. It can be costly, but it’s something you should do to care for your water heater, tankless or not.


Needs Regular Maintenance

To keep your tankless water heater running smoothly and extend its life even further, it’s important to schedule regular maintenance. A qualified professional can descale the unit and verify that everything is in good working order. Additionally, identifying issues in their earlier stages can help prevent costly repairs.

W.G. Speeks is here to assist with all of your heating and cooling needs. Our NATE-certified technicians can provide guidance on whether a tankless water heater is right for your home. Already have one installed? Our experts can help ensure that you get the most out of your tankless water heater. Call us today about our FREE consultation!

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