Peak Allergy Season in Virginia: 5 Ways to Cope

March 5, 2019by admin
Allergy Season Ahead
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According to Virginia Ear Nose & Throat, “the period from late February to summer tends to be the worst for many allergy sufferers.” Why? Because “tree pollens such as oak, maple, and river birch are blooming during this time,” making it peak allergy season in Virginia!

In early spring, the dry winds make things worse by spreading allergens and raising the pollen count. As if that’s not enough, the warmer, wet weather “can cause mold count to rise — meaning trouble for those with mold allergies.”

Is It Allergies?

Allergic reactions can manifest in two ways. The first is a histamine reaction that occurs right after someone has been exposed to an allergen. Symptoms include:

  • Itchy eyes and/or throat
  • Runny nose
  • Sneezing
  • Eye irritation
  • Nasal congestion
  • Post-nasal drip
  • Hoarseness
  • Sinus Pressure

Those who have been exposed to allergens for a longer period of time, might experience a delayed reaction. The resulting chronic inflammation is characterized and bad nasal congestion and irritation that worsens over time.


Change Filters

Dirty filter allergen

Generally, changing your filters every 60-90 days is acceptable, but if someone in the home suffers from allergies, you’ll need to do it more often. Replacing air filters every 30 days can dramatically improve air quality and help reduce symptoms.

The type and quality of the air filter you chose matters, too. You’ll want to pick something that is appropriate for your home and personal needs. Speaking with a qualified HVAC professional can help!




Clean Air Ducts

Duct vacuum cleaning

The air in our home is filtered by our HVAC unit and then sent to all areas of our home through ductwork. As you can imagine, dust, allergens, and other contaminants can buildup within the ducts. This can impact efficiency, of course, but dirty ducts can also contribute to poor indoor air quality.

In addition to giving them a thorough cleaning, an HVAC technician can inspect your air ducts for signs of mold and signs of wear and tear. With this information, they may offer suggestions on how to lessen the impact of allergens within your home.



Deep Cleaning

Staying on top of tidying up is one of the easiest, but most important ways, to fight seasonal allergies. When dust and particles accumulate on surfaces throughout your home, it can increase your suffering. Plus, when you keep things clean, you make it easier for your HVAC to do its job.

Regularly wipe down the furniture in your home, including ceiling fans. Clean between sofa and seat cushions, sweep and mop floors, and thoroughly vacuum any carpeted areas. When possible, use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to maximize your efforts.

Maintain Humidity Levels

Maintaining ideal humidity levels inside your home is an important step in alleviating seasonal allergies. This is especially important for asthma sufferers in a muggy state like Virginia! Fortunately, your HVAC system can help in this area, too!

A whole-house dehumidifier can clear the damp air, stale air from your home, keeping humidity levels in check. This is beneficial for all of your family members and can be particularly effective at improving indoor air quality.

Scheduled Maintenance

Having your HVAC unit properly serviced by a qualified technician is incredibly important. Not only can they identify potential problem areas and perform repairs, a professional can offer suggestions for customizing your heating and cooling system to meet your specific needs.

Allergy sufferers may benefit from adding UV technology or an air purifier with a HEPA filter, for example. An HVAC expert can provide guidance for modifying your unit to relieve allergy symptoms and improve your quality of life.

W.G. Speeks Can Help!

You deserve to feel comfortable in your own home — and we can help make that happen. When your HVAC system is bogged down by dust, debris, and other contaminants, it will continue circulating allergens through the whole house. Not only that, but it will also have to work much harder, which can raise your energy bills.

Why continue to suffer while wasting valuable resources? W.G. Speeks provides a free consultation so that we can better assess your needs. Our technicians are NATE-certified to provide excellent service every single time. You don’t have to live through itchy eyes and a runny nose. We can help! Call W.G. Speeks today!

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