The Ultimate HVAC Spring Cleaning Checklist

March 8, 2019by admin
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Do you hear those birds chirping? After a cold, wet winter, it sounds like spring is just around the corner! Undoubtedly, you’re thrilled to throw off the layers and usher in the warmer weather — but are you ready to take on the ultimate HVAC spring cleaning checklist?

As the seasons change, it’s important to give our heating and cooling systems the attention they deserve, especially after months of snow, ice, and rain. To get your HVAC system ready for spring, here are some suggestions.

Bedrooms & Common Areas

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We spend so much time in our bedrooms, living rooms and other common areas. Clutter, dirt and even dead skin and pet dander can build up.

  • Dust all surfaces, including lamps and picture frames.
  • Wipe down the insides of drawers and organizers.
  • Donate or discard clothing, books, or other items that you no longer need or use.
  • Wash all bedding, including duvets.
  • Freshen up mattresses and pillows.
  • Launder couch covers.
  • Vacuum the insides of your sofa, loveseat, or chairs.
  • Deep clean carpets and flooring.

During your spring cleaning, be sure to use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to help remove particles from your environment. It will help your HVAC work more efficiently and improve indoor air quality.


Kitchen & Bath

All of the “dirty work” in our homes happens in the kitchen and bath. Food splatters and toilet plungers are just the beginning, though — both rooms can get hot and steamy, leaving them at risk for mold and mildew.

  • Clean your oven and range to improve efficiency and reduce fire hazard.
  • Clean bathroom fans once or twice a year.
  • Check the flappers on your toilet. Replace if they look worn to prevent leaks.
  • Remove the handles on your faucets, clean the insides using rust remover, if needed.
  • Deep clean tile, grout, and flooring.

Grime can build up very quickly in kitchens and bathrooms. Make them a priority during your spring cleaning for your family’s health and to reduce wear and tear on your HVAC unit.


Home Safety

There are a few things that we tend to forget about during the year, but are very important. Use spring cleaning as a reminder to perform these tasks to protect your family and your home.

  • Replace batteries in smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors.
  • Dust and clear debris from the interior of detectors and thermostats.
  • Ensure you have a fully-charged fire extinguisher within easy access.
  • Check dryer ducts and clear buildup, if necessary.

Too often, we learn the importance of home safety after disaster has already struck. Don’t wait until it’s too late!


Window and Doors

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If there’s one area of a home that can create (or solve) heating and cooling problems, it’s windows and doors. When heated or cooled air is lost, your HVAC’s efforts are wasted.

  • Clean windows and window coverings.
  • Check for leaks and drafts around windows and doors.
  • Test weather stripping by opening and closing all windows.
  • Apply fresh caulk and weather stripping, if needed.
  • Remove screens and wash with soap and water.
  • Repair any holes or tears in window screens. Replace, if necessary.


Even with proper care and maintenance, windows and doors will need to be replaced. Consult with a professional to ensure you make choices that are appropriate for your needs.



Gutter cleaning and repair

Rain, wind, ice, and snow during the winter months can wreak havoc on your home’s exterior. You may not even realize damage has been done until something goes wrong. With the weather improving, it’s a good idea to walk around and do some clean up.

  • Clear gutters of debris and check for winter damage.
  • Tighten the strap on roof gutters, if needed.
  • Slope gutters toward down-spouts.
  • Maintain three feet of space between your home and downspout outlet.
  • Prune trees and bushes to prevent the obstruction of airflow.
  • Clean any dirt or debris from your HVAC unit.

Performing yard maintenance in the spring can be messy, but it’s definitely worth it. Clear any dead leaves, grass clippings, or trash that has accumulated over the long winter months.

Getting Your HVAC Ready for Spring

At the beginning of every new season, it’s a good idea to give your heating and cooling system some well-deserved love. This will help keep it running efficiently, potentially saving you money on energy bills and by avoiding costly repairs.

  • Inspect your HVAC unit, checking for leaks or outward signs of wear and tear.
  • Replace furnace and air-conditioning filters.
  • Have your air ducts cleaned and inspected.
  • Wipe down registers and vents.
  • Manage humidity levels by using a dehumidifier and/or exhaust fans.
  • Schedule a maintenance appointment with an HVAC technician.

There are many things you can do yourself, but be sure to reach out to a qualified expert if you’ve got concerns. Remember, your heating and cooling system could have problems you can’t see from the outside.

Let W.G. Speeks Help!

With Virginia’s hot season quickly approaching, you’ll want your cooling system in fighting condition. Don’t put it off. Schedule a maintenance appointment today to make sure everything is in working order. Identifying problems sooner than later can save you from expensive emergency expenses.

Call W.G. Speeks and ask about our free consultation. Our NATE-certified technicians are on hand to provide guidance and quality service. Don’t put it off till it’s too late. Contact us today!

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