The Importance of Maintaining Cooling Towers

May 12, 2017by admin

WG Speeks services and installs all types of heating/cooling needs for commercial or industrial buildings, and this includes cooling towers. Cooling towers allow the majority of the water being used to be recycled, eliminating an enormous amount of water wastage. They are also the key to maximizing chiller efficiency and ensuring longer overall system life. But just like other HVAC units, they require proper maintenance to ensure they’re running at peak efficiency.

Here are few cooling tower maintenance tips to keep in mind:

Inspect your motors

In many water-based cooling systems, cooling tower fan motors draw the most electricity out of any component. The standard motors operate at only one or two speeds, which can leave them using too much electricity as the overall system load decreases.

It’s important to have your motors inspected by a professional over time. You may opt to install a premium motor, because they can reduce electricity use by 8%. These high-efficiency motors are more expensive than the standard motors, but in a large commercial building with cooling needs, savings will add up quickly.

Manage Water Levels

Cooling towers must have the correct water level to perform that their optimal efficiency. It’s also important to note that overfilling can lead to roof damage. With daily inspection, it is easy to keep this in check. Having a meter installed to monitor water levels can simplify this process.

Ensure Contamination Compliance

There are special inspection and decontamination rules for cooling towers. These rules are mainly in place to prevent outbreaks of the deadly legionella bacteria, which causes pneumonia like symptoms. Because cooling towers are outside, they are vulnerable to contaminants like leaves, dirt and soot. This also poses a health risk. Make sure your cooling tower is tested regularly for these issues.

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