How to Protect your AC Unit from Theft

April 27, 2017by admin

Your outdoor AC unit contains valuable copper in the coil, refrigerant lines and wiring. Unfortunately this means your AC unit is a target for thieves; and they won’t think twice about destroying your entire unit to get what they’re looking for.

Here are some ways to protect your AC unit from theft and avoid inconvenient and costly equipment replacement.

1. Enclose the unit

Of all the tips to protect your unit from theft, this one is probably the most foolproof. You can use a unit fence or a cage to enclose your unit, but make sure the unit can still “breathe” so it continues to operate correctly. Be sure to consult an HVAC professional about what would work best for your unit.

2. Lock the Disconnect Box

This box disconnects the unit from electrical power. Thieves will turn the power off before removing the condenser to make it safe. If you prevent them from being able to open the disconnect box, chances are they will leave it alone.

3. Install a camera and lights

This combination allows you to monitor your outdoor unit 24/7. Make sure they are installed where they can’t be vandalized and place warning signs to deter thieves.

4. Set up an alarm

There are a few different products made to drive away perpetrators if your unit’s voltage is interrupted, the refrigerant lines are cut or any tampering is taking place.

5. Camouflage the unit

If your unit is hard to see, thieves will most likely pass your home by. On the flip side, leaving the air conditioner exposed can work just as well. If the ac unit is in plain sight near frequent drive-by traffic, this could also discourage thieves.

6. Use a tracking device

GPS technology offers a state-of-the-art tool to monitor movement of your HVAC unit. The device will track the unit’s location if stolen as well as alert you and the police.

7. Get a dog

Just like dogs can help prevent thieves from targeting your home, they serve as a great deterrent for thieves targeting your HVAC unit.

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