Tips on Saving Energy With Central Air Cooling

July 31, 2014by admin

Energy bills are high in the summer, especially when using a central air cooling system. Central air is typically more efficient for cooling and while that is a must during the warmer months, it can also generate higher costs than air conditioning units. Fortunately, this does not have to be a catch-22 situation; you do not have to sacrifice comfort to save on your energy or vice versa, by using simple tips and low cost solutions you can stay cool and comfortable without breaking the bank. Reduce your high electric bills with these energy saving tips:

tips on saving energy

  • Setting the thermostat at a higher temperature.
  • Turn off central air when no one is home.
  • Work with the weather—on breezy days or nights open the windows.
  • Make sure all vents and ducts are cleared of dust, dirt and debris, and not blocked by furniture.
  • Changing the air filter consistently.
  • Make sure the condenser coil in your system is clean and clear from obstruction.
  • Make use of curtains and drapes.
  • Install weather stripping.
  • Equip your window with heat rejection/UV window films.
  • Use fans to help circulate air.
  • Planting trees and large shrubs around your home provide a natural shade.
  • Turning off heat producing appliances when they’re not being used.
  • Upgrade units that are over 10 years old to more efficient HVAC units.

Last but not least, it’s imperative that you schedule regular maintenance on your cooling system. Having your central air system inspected before and after the cooling season, can help prevent any malfunctions and ensure that your system is performing optimally during the summer. Schedule an inspection if you notice your cooling system is not working properly or making weird sounds. Small malfunctions can worsen overtime and end up costing you a fortune on your energy bill, as well as a hefty repair bill. For more energy saving tips or to schedule maintenance on your central air cooling system, contact the professionals at WG Speeks in Richmond, VA.

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