Getting Even: Maintaining an Evenly Heated Home This Winter!

November 26, 2014by admin

insulationWith various levels to your home temperatures can vary from floor to floor. This winter ensuring that windows, insulation and weather-stripping are updated is key to saving costs on energy and living comfortably through the cold season. If you’ve seen a sky rocket in bills or just can’t seem to stop adjusting your homes temperature here a few things that will help you keep the chills at bay.

  1. Insulation is extremely important keeping a home warm in the winter and even cool in the summer. To make sure you are saving money have the right level of insulation between and inside walls, as well as in your attic.
  2. Clean ducts and airways. Maintenance of airways and ducts throughout your home are very important for heat and air flow. Unclean systems can cause problems of all types from hazardous indoor air to seen and unseen destruction of walls and furniture. Be sure to have your ductwork evaluated and airways clean before ramping up the temperature and bills.
  3. Check for leaks. Leaks can develop in air ducts over a period of time. Sealing duct leaks can cut back heating costs by up to 20%!
  4. Replace windows with more energy efficient windows. This can be a huge investment, but in colder climates the heating savings will be appreciated. You can even consider caulking windows and doors to prevent drafts.
  5. Have your heating system tuned up and thoroughly inspected by a service professional. Poorly maintained systems cause uneven heating and can accumulate high costs over time.

If improved insulation doesn’t resolve comfort issues or you are unsure of how to properly care for your heating and cooling systems, W.G. Speeks Heating and Cooling experts can evaluate ductwork and other issues to request the proper changes for your comfort needs. Proudly serving Richmond, VA since 1943! Call us today at (804) 276-2800

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