Ready, Set, Resolution!

December 15, 2014by admin

2015Get a head start on taking care of your HVAC systems this New Year. Ward off huge repairs and enjoy a year with far less hassle by preventing HVAC problems with a few easy resolutions. Before popping the champagne and counting down loudly into 2015, make sure you are prepared to show your home some love with these small steps:

  • Agree to an annual tune-up. Set your calendar for yearly maintenance on all of your HVAC systems if you haven’t already. This will help to extend the life of your systems.
  • Set a reminder to check your filters monthly. Leaks, clogs and other problems can cause improper performance of your heating and cooling systems. If you are not confident in checking filters on your own, be sure to contact one of our experts and we will be happy to service you.
  • Let go! Furnaces, air conditioners and other old systems or parts you have been holding dear to may need a replacement. If your system is old or you believe it is time for a replacement, schedule an inspection and let our W.G. Speeks professionals properly install your new home addition.
  • Just breathe. With proper inspection, replacements, and filters, you can easily rid your home of pollutants and unseen allergens in the air. Breathe easier by following through with these resolutions.

If you need assistance with your HVAC systems, our W.G. Speeks professional service team is only a call away! We wish you a safe and happy holiday season and a wonderful New Year!

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