Why Go Ductless?

January 22, 2015by admin

If you do not already have a ductless system, there may be some perks to going ductless. Here are some of the reasons you should consider going ductless if you haven’t already!

Ductless HVAC WG Speeks Richmond Virginia
1. Quieter systems – Ductless systems are very quiet and create less noise during the use of your HVAC systems. Even on a higher speed, ductless systems are quieter than their opponents. In offices and rooms where noise ordinances are strict, it may be smart to go ductless.

2. Energy savings- Ductless systems can be much more efficient as the main heat source in electrically heated spaces. Ductless systems allow for heating and cooling at a much lower cost.

3. Healthier air – We should all strive to breathe the cleanest possible air. Ductless systems purify the air while absorbing dust, pollen, germs and more. Ductless systems help to circulate clean air consistently.

4. Hassle-free installation- Ductless systems do not require expensive or overwhelming work. Installation takes only a couple of days and these systems allow for you to maintain the look of your home without having to remodel.

Ductless heating systems provide elevated comfort and help you to cut back on heating costs. If you are considering going ductless or would like to schedule a FREE in-home estimate contact W.G. Speeks of Richmond, VA today at (804)276-2800

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