Air Conditioning and Allergies

April 19, 2016by admin

air conditioning and allergies

Time for an HVAC Repair or Air Duct Cleaning?

Many are welcoming the warmer weather, but unfortunately warm weather brings allergies along with it. While your home should be a place to get a break from nature’s discomforts, allergies can sometimes be the product of an unserviced AC unit. The good news is you can avoid the annoyances of these indoor allergies by getting your air conditioner routinely serviced.

Trees, flowers and grasses are common culprits for outdoor allergies, but the majority of indoor allergies are due to conditions found within your home. Many varieties of dust can collect in your home’s air ducts, which then get distributed and redistributed throughout your house every time the air conditioner runs. In addition to dust knocked loose from the walls of your ductwork, your HVAC can also contain microbes, pet dander, and dead insects. Indoor air pollution levels can actually be two to five times higher than outdoor air pollution.

If you believe your AC is a contributing factor to your family’s allergies, WG Speeks is here to help. If it’s your air filter, we can clean your supply and get your air back to quality condition. In fact, we’ll even come to your house and give you a free duct-cleaning estimate. If a new air filter doesn’t help your family’s allergen problem, we can schedule an HVAC Repair. One of our NATE certified technicians will be at your home as soon as possible to fix the problem.

At WG Speeks, it is our priority to keep the air in your Richmond homes cool, clean and comfortable. Having your air conditioning system properly serviced will help it run at peak efficiency. We also service and install indoor air quality equipment. Air cleaners, humidifiers, and U.V. are just a few types of equipment we service and install, which can save energy, and improve air quality. This will protect your family from annoying allergies as well as protect the HVAC equipment in your Richmond, VA home. To learn more, contact the experts at WG Speeks today for a free estimate at 804-276-2800.

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